Turf Wars

(U.S. Patent 8,444,491 B2)

Configurable Buckets

(U.S. Patent Application Serial No.: 3291.117US2/P1160US2)

Server Based Client Control

(U.S. Patent Application Serial No.: 13/554,679)


myVEGAS Slots

ROLE : Mobile Architect

Fee-to-play casual slot game that offers players a chance to earn real world rewards from top resort and entertainment partners. I was the Mobile Architect on this game leading a team of 6 developers. Begging this project I introduced and mentored many team members with Unity. 

itunes – google play - kindle


ROLE : Chief Architect


Spell around a three-dimensional cube as you challenge your friends for high scores. 

  • Get 5x for spelling words with colored cubes
  • Spell words with special symbols for more bonuses
  • Take advantage of single player mode to hone your skills (Pro Unlock Required)
  • Or play head-to-head matches with your friends
  • Built in Unity
  • I was the sole developer of this game


Yumby Smash

BREAK, SMASH, and BLOW STUFF UP! Rocket through 90 diabolically fun levels filled with monsters & traps. Use your special powers to blast through blocks and defeat enemies. Create your own levels and play them with friends! 

  • Reached #1 on Google Play
  • More than 1 Million downloads
  • Built in Unity
  • 2 Man dev team


Levelz is our awesome HTML5 level builder! It was built to run on mobile devices as well as on desktops. It allowed users to construct elaborate levels and bring them right into the game to play and share with friends.

  • 'tiled' map system
  • used per level compression system
  • levels were shareable via social channels like facebook and email
  • cross-platform - built on html/js/css


The Playgearz cloud was built in the AWS cloud. I designed and constructed scaling and deployment systems from scratch. 

  • Scaleable instance counts behind load balancers
  • failover and multi region support
  • inter-cluster message and broadcast support
  • simple deployment and update interface




The Moodist

The Moodist is a fun way to map how you feel as you explore your city. The application allows for user input of their current mood and meta info such as pictures notes and audio samples. This data is then processed into visualizations for later review and reflection.


  • Real-time mood map of your city/country
  • Mood check-in with ability to attach photo, audio clip and comments
  • Data visualizations




ROLE : lead engineer

I worked on many many projects the most exciting of which were canned. Interested in my time at Zynga, just ask!


Starting a tech company can be a lot of fun but it can also be a big headache if you did not design to scale from the beginning. I consult for start-ups in the bay area on how to create a super lean and cost effective infrastructure so their product is ready to scale when they are, all this without paying an arm and a leg.



  • ProxKit – iOS and android BLE library with Unity support
  • BlueKey
  • GoodMorning (not released yet, headed for open source)
  • MoodLighting (not released yet)
  • Nexus9 – Long range wireless web enabled relay bank
  • Jessica – Modular home automation system including voice control
  • GardenPi – Cloud enabled garden monitoring system based on Raspberry Pi
  • Party Pants – LED pants that react to the ambient music and to your heartbeat
  • AmbiHome – House lighting reacts to web based events. (Example: Rain is forcasted or servers go down in AWS)

SONOS Plugins

Each of the following plugins were developed to expand the content available to the SONOS platform. Each plugin is a wrapper for another music service. I take no credit for the amazing-ness of the source service. None of these are distributed through the SONOS service channels because I am not associated with each of the source services and cannot guarantee the services stability. Each plugin will require you utilize the developer services from SONOS.

Open Source


iOS Async Grid Engine

  • iOS only

  • Built on Game Centers Async play with full game state serialization
  • Used for multiple game prototypes at Zynga

An example of a Advance Wars prototype using this engine can be seen to the left. You can find this at the below Github link. I will warn you that the code has not aged well as it is pre ARC


  • An installation built for Highground Hackers
  • Used the mood board from The Moodist (iOS app) and the Phillips HUE iOS sdk
  • Built in < 2 hours
  • Provided a personalized relaxation experience for each person

You can find the code on github below. Please forgive the hack and slash, i was in a hurry…

Android Receipt Validator

Takes encrypted receipt data from a mobile purchase, decrypts and then informs the process if the receipt data is valid.

NPM : 


Apple Receipt Validator

Takes encrypted receipt data from a mobile purchase, verifies the info with apple and informs the process of the success.


Node.js Community

Active contributor to the NPM project |



A duck and relationship-problem-solving simulation. A/D or Left/Right arrow keys to move W or Up repeatedly to fly Space to Quack R to restart the game

global game jam link

github link



An awesome 3D unity game where you race the clock to help plug Frankensteins Monster’s heart as he encounters different exciting situations.

github link

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