Having trouble locating your device in BlueKey?
Well you have come to the right place!

** First off your device MUST have its Bluetooth feature ENABLED and be in "Discoverable" mode. For instructions on how to enable discoverable mode see below.

Enabling "Discoverable" mode

  • iOS
    • Simply open Settings -> Bluetooth. Make Sure the switch is ON, remain on this page while BlueKey is searching. You will see a spinning indicator letting you know you are doing the right thing.
  • Android
    • Go to Settings -> Wireless and Network-> Confirm Bluetooth is ON-> select Bluetooth Settings -> finally enable "Discoverable"
  • Headsets and other Bluetooth enabled devices
    • Please consult the manual (or google it) for how to put your device in "Discoverable" mode.
"Discoverable" mode is only required for the FIRST time you set up monitoring on each host computer. From then on you should be able to find your device under "Favorites" in the drop down menu. After your device has appeared in the drop down list you may disable discoverable mode.
**If your Device is not visible in favorites simply re-enable "Discoverable" mode on your bluetooth device and allow the system to search once more.