BlueKey is a proximity detection system that leverages technology we already keep with us every day.

        BlueKey uses your smart phone or any other bluetooth device to monitor your proximity. It allows you to set up actions that trigger as you enter or exit the area. These actions can include automatically turning off your Phillips HUE lights as you leave and back on as you return, playing your favorite iTunes playlist just as you walk in the door, and of course locking down your computer if you get to far away.

Any bluetooth device can be used as long as the device can be put in “discoverable” mode during the first connection.


Some Example Uses

  • At work lock your station when you get more than 5ft away. Great if you have mischievous coworkers.
  • At home turn off your lights and music as you leave to keep your energy bill as low as possible.
  • At home start up sexy time mode just as you get back from a date to keep the magic going without fumbling around for remotes and switches.
  • Automatically set your IM chat client status so your peers know when you are not available.
  • Dont respawn if you go AFK while gaming.
  • Keep carpal tunnel at bay by having your computer auto-login as you return.
  • The sky is the limit! With the custom scripting feature you can make BlueKey work for you!

BlueKey provides rich support for many popular devices out of the box

  • Phillips HUE lighting and color control
  • iTunes Play/Pause controls
  • UPnP Media Renderer controls. (SONOS,XBMC,Dlink,Intel)
  • Screensaver controls with password options
  • Controllable proximity range
  • Automatic OSX login
  • Custom Apple Script support for your own integrations
  • System wide events for third party application integration
  • Requires OSX 10.7 or later
  • BlueKey and the Mac app Caffeine have been shown to not play well together.
    As a result BlueKey will automatically stop Caffeine if the “Start screensaver when you leave” option is selected.

BlueKey exposes system wide events for other developers to listen to.

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