SONOS Plugin – Soundcloud

Hey awesome people enjoying this free service. So many of you are now using this plugin that my server costs have become insane. If you like this, or any of the other SONOS plugins, please consider donating to help me keep this service up.


Update: You may now be seeing the tag “[NOT STREAMABLE]” appear next to some of your songs. Soundcloud gives control to each individual content creator as to weather or not their song is streamable via the external api. I was contacted by a few users were wondering why some of the songs fail to play and upon investigation I found each one of these songs had their streaming access disabled. I asked around to some of the people using this plugin and the consensus was not to hide the songs that cannot be played but to simply mark them instead. This should only effect a very small number of your songs (if any) and will mostly be concentrated on billboard and ultra popular tunes. I apologize for the inconvenience but can tell you I am already working on a new class of plugin which will not have this problem. Thank you for your continued support and please reach out if you have any thoughts on this topic.

I recently purchased a Sonos Playbar. I have got to say it is pretty awesome, especially because it can be controlled by BlueKey. I am really enjoying it except for the fact that there are a few media sources that have not yet become available. One of which is Soundcloud. So I decided to fix that.

http://<Your Sonos IP>:1400/customsd.htm

You will be greeted by a pretty bland web page that will allow you to add a custom service. Start by changing the SID or Service ID to 240 (unless you created other custom services, then you already know which SID is not in use). Next give the service a name, this is the name of the entry that will show up in your Sonos controller app. I chose to use “Soundcloud”. For “Endpoint URL” and “Secure Endpoint URL” put““. Then put “30” for polling interval and select “Session ID” for Authentication SOAP header policy. Check out the following image for reference :



I know that was a lot but we are almost done. The name you chose for the service (I used Soundcloud) will now appear in the “More Music” option of your Sonos Desktop application. Click on it and choose “I already have an account”.

Input your Soundcloud login credentials and you are done!! You will now see your service name (Soundcloud for me) under your music sources. You should now have access to all your content! The system currently supports:

  • Stream
  • Favorites
  • Playlists
  • People you are following
    • Their stream
    • Their playlists
    • Their favorites

I really hope you enjoy this, I know I have!! If you have a music service you would like to make available on the Sonos platform you can contact me at for licensing of my Sonos Service Control software.

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