Hacked – Old Bluetooth Headphones

Often I love playing music from my phone or device while at partys but hate having to leave it sitting there, next to the stereo, out in the open where people can mess with it or worse, walk off with it. So for this hack I wanted to come up with a low cost wireless audio receiver that was super generic.

I was looking for something that would give me the following
- Decent wireless distance ~50ft
- Reasonable transmission security
- Digital audio with Stereo support
- battery powered
- Work with any (pre)amp with an aux or RCA input

I ended up stumbling across an old bluetooth headset  that I had not used in a long time. It was a really cheep set that I got off amazon (link) and looked like it would be perfect for this project. A quick tip : make sure to turn the volume to the half way mark before you go tearing off any buttons.

I removed the casing around each earbud and traced the positive and negative leads on each ear bud connection. Then I soldered (using flux core solder for best results) the speaker leads to each of 3 conductors in a shielded cable, splicing the ground to the negative lead of both earbuds. Then on the other end I attached a 3.5mm male audio jack, being sure to match left and right lines from the earbuds to their proper positions.

Thats It!
Super simple generic wireless audio receiver that you can take anywhere! I took an old pill container I had lying around and drilled a hole in the top for the audio jack. I also grabbed a female 3.5mm to male RCA converter to keep in the container in case I ever need it.